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The 10 Phases of Graduating

Spring 2015 117

Whether it’s high school, college, or graduate school, when you finish your schooling things change. Here are the ten phases graduates go through on their way to a ‘normal’ life post-graduation.

The Anticipation:

This happens just before you graduate. You can envision the amazing life you’ll have and all the cool stuff you are going to do.

The Tears:

On the day of graduation, you will cry. Some tears of joy for school being over, but also tears of sadness and saying goodbye to your friends who up until now you’ve seen almost every day.

The Worst Paper You’ve Ever Written:

You have one last paper that the professor made due AFTER graduation. You know you have to do it, but you’ve already graduated! Who cares if they’re waiting for your grades to come in before they mail you your diploma?

The Recovery:

You sleep in every day for a week or two in order to recover from finals. Just like every other semester break.

The Boredom:

You start to realize that you not only have no deadlines, you have nothing to do. You’ve already cleaned your room/apartment/house more times than you can count and  you’ve read all the books you had sitting on your bedside table that you started but never finished because school got in the way.

The Realization:

You don’t even have a ‘next semester’ to look forward to. There is never going to be any more homework. You literally have no plans for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

The Jump Start:

You immediately make plans to get in shape, eat better, work on that blog you’ve always wanted to run, and travel around the world. Riiight after you update your resume and get some form of paying job to fund all of these adventures.

The Roller Coaster:

Once you start putting your plans into action, you realize that you have to pick and choose. You can’t have a high-paying job AND all the time off you want to travel the world. You also can’t sleep in until noon every day and still expect your boss to take you seriously.

The Friend:

You figure out that it’s ok to be sad sometimes, but that when you start to feel really bad you need some friend time. It is your friends who bring you back to reality, so you learn to return the favor by being there for them, too.

The Adult:

You finally begin to recognize that no one else really knows what they’re doing either, and that no one is perfectly happy, but that everyone has their own version of perfect, and of happy.

So, what do you think? Did I miss anything? Sound off on Twitter and let me know @LadyWoods13

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