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Hi There!

My name is Amanda, but I go by the screen name Marigold Morrigan in most online spaces. People mostly call me Mari. I started Highlights and Hot Chocolate in 2014 as a place to practice my writing and share book reviews, but my online presence has grown and changed a lot since then. As of 2021, this is my official home on the web.


I am a writer and creative with a long-standing love of anything to do with editing and organizing. I’ll still be sharing occasional book reviews and writing content, but I’m also excited to introduce more windows into my day-to-day experiences: things I’m loving; my ongoing obsession with Dungeons & Dragons; my addiction to coffee; and if this pandemic ever ends, some cool things to do in the places I love: Boston, Massachusetts, northwestern New Jersey, and the wilds of central Maine.

Find me around the internet:


Bookstagram - @HighlightsAndHotChocolate


Writing and Art - @amanda.wrote


Twitter - @MarigoldMorigan

(Only 1 R because Twitter hates us all)


TikTok - @MarigoldMorrigan

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