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Summer Playlist 2015


(Not sponsored. I just love the website) If you spend enough time with me, you’ll realize that I’m addicted to 8tracks. Its a website that lets people create playlists of music, and its gloriously FREE! I’ve been using it for the last year and half to discover new music and it’s fantastic. You select emotions or actions or artists or genres of music and it recommends playlists. Best of all, everytime a song comes on it provides links to buy the song on Amazon, iTunes, or view on Soundcloud or YouTube. Below are some of the songs I’m obsessed with at the moment, none of which I would have discovered without this flipping amazing site:

Most of the songs are Indie/Alternative/Chill, but theres a couple dancier songs as well.



Desperate Measures / Marianas Trench

Madness / Muse

Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop / Landon Pigg

Mine / The Aquadolls

Put On A Light / Generationals

Gold Rays / Vinyl Pinups

Beware The Dog / The Griswolds

Geronimo / Sheppard

Set Sail / Charleston

Bloom / Pogo  (I have to stop and talk about this one for a second. Its like a DJs compilation of the all the disney songs to create something entirely new. The Sound of Music, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White and a bunch of others. ITS AMAZING, and you can YouTube it HERE.)

Reflections / Misterwives

Run River Run / Run River North

Orange Sky / Alexi Murdoch

The Mother We Share / CHVRCHES

Just Another Girl / The Killers

Thunder Clatter / Wild Cub

Pumpin Blood / NoNoNo

Of Space And Time / City And Colour

In The Air Tonight / Fleet Foxes cover (Originally Phil Collins. BUT THIS GIVES ME CHILLS and Ic an only find in on Soundcloud (via Tumblr here)

New York State Of Mind / Joanna Wang cover (Originally Billy Joel. AGAIN WITH THE CHILLS. YouTube It HERE)

Sons and Daughters / Allman Brown and Liz Laurence

Home / Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Shine / Elmo

High / Young Rising Sons

Get Out / Cassey Abrams

I’m Good / The Mowgli’s

Lether Jacket / Arkells

Sun Shy / Dresses

Paris / Magic Man

Shadow / Bleachers

Silhouettes / Colony House

Flashed Junk Mind / Milky Chance

Electric Loves / BORNS

Shut Up And Dance With Me / Walk The Moon (I’ve been a WTM fan for about a year now, so this isn’t new, but check out this video for some smiles.)

That’s all for the moment!

Until Next Time,


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