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5 Tips to Enjoying Yourself and Doing Well in College

     It’s that time of year again, and just about everyone in the country between the ages of 5 and 23 is headed back to school. I’m starting my last year of college, and as a fifth year senior I think I finally have a few things to impart to all the new students starting college themselves in the next couple weeks. These are my top five tips for Enjoying Yourself and Doing Well in College.

#1 Major in something you like. You will very likely be in an industry related to your major for the rest of your life, so please major in something you will at least enjoy learning about forever.

#2 Sit near the front of the class. Anywhere in the first three rows will do. This shows the professor you’re interested, but doesn’t make you look like a total brown-noser.

#3 You have a syllabus, therefor you know when everything will be happening throughout the semester. You can look up what you’re covering in any given week. READ AHEAD.

#4 While you’re reading ahead, write down any questions you have so you can ask your professor in class or office hours. Not only will this make the professor think you’re interested in the topic, but even if you’re NOT interested in the topic and you still have to take the class, asking questions will increase your understanding of the material infinitely and therefor increase your grades.

#5 Get involved in a couple campus activities or participate in co-ops and internships. Joining clubs or organizations that have to do with your major or hobbies can become HUGE networking tools when you need to look for a job, and provide communities of friends you can hang out and study with. (Hint: This is how you make friends in college) Internships and co-ops are great ways to get your feet wet in any field you’re interested in. If you’re not getting paid, you can usually get a few credits out of it to make it worth your time. Internships and co-ops also introduce you to professionals in your field who can point you in the direction of good jobs for the future.

     So those are my top 5 tips for enjoying yourself and doing well in college. Do you have any need-to-know tips I might have missed? Tweet me @Ladywoods13

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