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The Little French Bistro – Nina George (T: German-English by Simon Pare)


Source: Goodreads

Marianne feels lost after 41 years of marriage. After a failed suicide attempt she heads to the Breton coast on a whim and leaves everything she knows behind. Once in Kerdruc, Marianne faces not only the daunting task of learning a new language, but also an internal battle that will define her life and determine her fate.

Having absolutely adored George’s The Little Paris Bookshop, I couldn’t help but pick this book up from my local library as soon as it became available. As with her earlier work, the main character has already lived a full life, yet yearns for something that remains a mystery to them. For Marianne, this means diving into the possibilities of who she would be without the parameters of the life she has built thus far. With an edge of mystery ever present, the reader is introduced to the townspeople of Kerdruc and it’s surrounding artisans, each of whom has their own story to tell.

There were many layers to The Little French Bistro, and I think that is what makes it feel whole. Marianne’s life is just the tip of the iceberg, under which resides love, loss, myth, magic, and good food. The villagers of Kerdruc will never be the same after Marianne has touched their lives. While I personally feel the ending is open to interpretation, the journey our heroine takes carries quite the heavy message that lives on long after the pages and words have run out.

Recommended for ages 16+ due to adult content.

HHC Rating: 4.5 Stars

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