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The Cowboy's Email Order Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek, #1) – Cora Seton

Source: Goodreads

Autumn is a writer. A writer fighting the rising number of layoffs happening at City Pretty Magazine in Manhattan. Desperate for a story to wow her boss and save her job, she answers a video ad for a cowboy in need of a wife. She’ll get in, she’ll get out, and she’ll get her story.

Ethan is a rancher. He’s inherited the place from his parents and is desperate to keep it despite his sister’s attempts to sell it out from under him. His fiance’s left him, but with some help from his friends, he might just recover. That is if he can survive their latest practical joke.

I came across this book while testing out a new e-reading app.(Kobo) Once I figured it out, I felt the itch to browse the free books (because who doesn’t love free books?), and I came across this. The title sounded a bit cheesy, and even the author makes fun of it at the end, but it looked like a light read, which I needed to get out of the reading slump I was in at the time.

The story was actually quite good. Many romances feature one or the other half of the couple lying about something and it blowing up in their face, but in this case, both Ethan and Autumn have their secrets that they will have to overcome as a couple. It was heartening to see and feel them go through all the turmoil and eventually come out stronger.

Highly recommended to any fans of romances and/or cowboys. This story is one cute read that packs quite a punch of information. My only gripe is that the end wrapped up a little too quickly for my taste.

HHC Rating: 4 Stars

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