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On The Way To The Wedding (Bridgerton, #8) – Julia Quinn

Source: Goodreads

Gregory Bridgerton is the seventh of eight children, all of whom, aside from him, have married for love. So it’s no surprise that he believes in the all-consuming emotion. He just hasn’t found the right girl yet. He’s sure he hasn’t. He would know, right away, when the right person showed up. And then he does. A single glimpse and he’s lost. He’s found her. And yet, she couldn’t care less.

Lucy Abernathy doesn’t believe in love. She’s seen men lose their heads over her best friend so often that it has become almost funny. Practically engaged herself, she doesn’t mind when Hermione’s beaus ignore her existence, but it would be nice to be asked to dance on her own merit once in a while. Hermione claims to be in love with someone else, anyway, so the gentlemen are wasting their time, even if they don’t all give up so easily.

When Hermione has a sudden change of heart and finds herself in a true love-match, Lucy starts to look at things differently. She starts to wonder if she’s been missing something in front of her this whole time. Could love be real? Could she have it, if she took a chance? And what about being practically engaged?

The final installment in the saga of the Bridgerton family, On the Way to the Wedding, does not disappoint. Easily the most complicated of the series storylines, Gregory must adjust his own perspective before he can admit his true feelings, and he’ll have to face his worst fears to reach his happily ever after.

I always start this book a little sad. I know I’m at the end of the series once again, and I drag my feet because I don’t want it to end. The story also starts a little slow, because its complicated narrative requires it. So much happens in so little time, and our hero and heroine go through such drastic changes, face such strong obstacles, that the slow start is the only slow piece of the story.

Gregory, whom we’ve looked at primarily as a child for the duration of the series, is finally finding his footing as an adult, and his family gives him subtle and not so subtle nudges in the right direction. In any Bridgerton novel, the love story is always overlapped by the hero or heroine’s journey to find their place in the large family, and the youngest son is no different. The books are just as much about finding your place in the world as they are about settling down and finding the love of your life, and that is the strongest reason as to why I come back to this series again and again.

HHC Rating: 4.5 Stars.

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