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Baseball Season Has Arrived!


You guys. I am SO excited to be going to my third major league baseball game ever.

My first game was at the old Yankee stadium when I was maybe six years old, wayyy back in 1998. It was just after my birthday, the middle of an exceptionally hot July, and I was just learning to read. Not that it mattered. I already knew most of the important names: Andy Pettitte, David Cone, David Wells, Daryl Strawberry, Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, Joe Girardi, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Mariano Rivera, and this hot shot shortstop from my mom’s hometown – Derek Jeter. My dad’s job sponsored a family bus trip into the city for the game and my father, elder brother, and I attended. Our seats were in the blazing sun and we eventually moved to shady seats that someone had never shown up to claim. I barely noticed. I was too busy watching baseball. I’ve spent years watching my Yankees on television, and going to most every baseball game that I can get tickets to. Now my 1998 team only plays in the Old Timers Game, and I watch with the same ferocity that I watch the World Series. But I’ve never made it to another Yankee game.

My second game was a Red Sox vs. Orioles game last year that my uncle got free tickets to at a trade show. My uncle, aunt, and baby cousin left early, but I stayed until the very end. I didn’t care that I knew absolutely no one there, much less anyone in the entire city.  And I only cared a little bit that it was a Red Sox game and not a Yankee game. I even cheered for the Red Sox. They won. And the Orioles moved down to the #2 spot, letting my Yankees slide into the #1. 😉

This time around, I bought my own ticket, and I’m taking myself to the ballgame. I don’t even care that it will probably downpour all day and the game will drag on due to rain delays. I’ll be in one of my favorite cities, watching my New York Yankees take on their biggest rivals – my new home team – The Boston Red Sox. And I already know all the important names. ⚾️

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